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Have you ever lost or damaged an item that you value?
Experienced the inconvenience of an interrupted lifestyle not to mention the additional budget for replacement? We have a solution! Protect your home valuables for as little as 100 bob per month. At CoverApp, we have created a platform that provides cover for the things you value most. No hard copy inventories required… just take a picture of what you want covered, because we trust you. We will have you covered within 5 minutes. Try it.

CoverApp Co-founder

Jeremiah Siage

CoverApp Co-founder
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Price starting from KES100/month

Motoring Assistance Cover by AA Kenya

Nothing! the regular car service, car repair nor safari-check prepares us enough for that unexpected flat tyre, flat battery, or mechanical breakdown. Driving alone along the busy Nairobi-Naivasha highway one late night in June 2018, my car suddenly stalled, and the lights went off near Kikuyu Township. Yes, Kikuyu Township at midnight! The long drive in the rain from Homa-Bay had put an extra strain on my car battery and the slowly failing charging system eventually gave in. What would you do? Who would you call? I had not renewed my AA membership, so calling AA was not a viable option on this day. My garage was closed.

You may or may not relate to this, but I spent nearly KES. 10,000/- on a midnight boda-boda ride looking for a tow truck, a temporary night guard to watch over the car, towing the car to my house in Langata for the night and further towing the car to the garage the next morning. My resolve to renew my AA membership at the affordable fee of KES. 7,500/- at that time had never been stronger. I however wanted it done conveniently and easily on my own terms. For this, having AA membership as a CoverApp offering moved from being a business objective to an absolute imperative. I wanted to consume the service.

This has come to pass. My membership is now current at an affordable 6,500/- per year, and the renewal process took under 5-minutes from my desk on my phone through the CoverApp. I have the AA emergency number on the app. No need to save it anywhere else. The experience is great from a customer’s perspective, but don’t take my word for it.

Join me in the small but fast-growing list of motorists who are enjoying professional motoring assistance without the paperwork and having fun while at it. Get or renew your AA membership today on CoverApp.

CoverApp Co-founder

Jeremiah Siage

CoverApp Co-founder
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Price starting from KES 6,500/year

Third Party Motor Cover

Sometimes all you need is a quick motor cover to get you on the road without breaking the law or bearing a third party liability in the unpleasant event of an accident.
You do not need to hustle calling an agent or running to the nearest insurance office. In just 5 minutes, while the car warms up before you hit the road, buy a 30 day third party liability cover from the comfort of your mobile phone.
At only Kes. 1,500 with the option of sticker delivery to wherever you are within Nairobi. You can also renew your expired cover on- the- go. Join me in experiencing the beauty of technology in making acquisition of services easy and convenient.

CoverApp Administrator

Zipporah Muchoki

CoverApp Project Administrator
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Price starting from KES1,500/month

Travel Cover

Travelling abroad for business, leisure or any other reason is often exciting and memorable. Planning, preparation and arrival at the port of departure within required timelines. You are ready for a pleasant journey with no unpleasant eventualities.
At CoverApp, that is how we want you to keep it- always! We worry about the unexpected so you do not have to.
With a few clicks on your phone either as part of travel preparation, in the cab on your way to the airport or between the departure gate and take off, get your travel cover from CoverApp then board, relax and enjoy your journey.

CoverApp Co-founder

Anne Kamau

CoverApp Co-founder
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Price starting from KES2,500 a trip

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